Accept and Move On

It doesn’t matter what you think you know. Reality doesn’t change. The facts remain as they are. And truth does not become a democracy; it’s not swayed by your whims. Or your grievances. Life has for a long time been personified as malevolent, oftentimes taking the form of that vindictive bitch Karma. The truth is life doesn’t care. It’s indifferent. Life only seems unfair if you harbor some preconceived notion that you are entitled to receiving some special favor from obscure deities.

Perhaps a more accurate statement is: life isn’t unfair…people are! Life as we know is nothing more than a series of cumulative causes and effects. At times (less often than we would want to admit) good or bad things happen to us because of something we did. More often things happen to us because of something we have no control over. Conclusion? Well, we can stop living in a fantasy world where we are the center of the universe, where our narcissistic attitudes forever paint us as victims or martyred messiahs. We can only do our best at any moment and live life on life’s terms. We need only accept reality for what it is and, for the optimists among us, what it could be.


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